Van Heusen Schlub

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Men’s clothing company Van Heusen partnered with Funny or Die, a comedy themed video web site for another installment in the Van Heusen Institute of Style campaign. According to Van Heusen, the Institute of Style is designed to help American men step up their style.

This next installment features NFL legends Steve Young and Jerry Rice, as well as Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. In a previous installment Matthew Stafford was added to the Van Heusen Institute of Style campaign as the latest student to go from style trainee to graduate. Now in this latest installment, Stafford passes on the lessons he learned from Young and Rice to an everyday schlub who is attempting to get a small business loan and is in dire need of a wardrobe overhaul.

For my part, I was enlisted to do rotoscoping, clean up of plates, addition of multiple signage through out the spot. Examples like the addition of the word “BANK” to all the exterior bank shots, logo signage on the van,and all In van computer screens.

Project Details

Client: Van Heusen

After Effects Compositing
After Effects Clean Up
After Effects Scene Replacement / Extensions