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A friend of mine told me years ago, "Just do good work. The rest is easy".  After 20 years of experience in Television Design, 3D Animation and Web Integration this is still the mantra I live by. I have created award winning work for some of the most recognizable media brands in the world such as NBC, ESPN, FOX, History, MLB Network.

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My Services

Located near New York City and connected to the Internet via a high speed network allows me to interact with clients regardless of location. Over the last 15 years, I have perfected this way of working allowing me to get projects completed fast and hassle free. My studio contains a full suite of Apple hardware including a high speed Render Farm.

My Method

I have developed workflows that focus on great design and efficiently managing my time and resources. This means that you get a great product with a quick error free turnaround.

I have developed an archival system allowing me to call up any project I have worked on within minutes. So when you need to make a quick update to a past project, you're covered.

I've Got You Covered

Television and Film
Storyboard, Project Design & Post-Production

After Effects Compositing & Animation

Video Compositing, Editing, 2D / 3D Motion Tracking

3D Animation (Cinema 4D)

Graphic Design
Logo Design

Print Design (Ads, Collateral, Posters)

Web Design and Programming
Programming (HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Dreamweaver)
Webmaster Services (Setup, Hosting, Email, Maintenance)


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About Me

Eddie Wiseman
Digital Designer & Animator

My Resume (PDF Document)

Where it all began

I was completely mesmerized by technology and art since I was a young child. I feel honored to have been part of the birth of personal computers and the ability to merge art and technology. My father bought our first computer (an Apple IIe) when I was 11 years old. From that moment, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my life. I took it upon myself to learn how to, not only program, but to draw & design using the rudimentary tools available at the time.

After graduating high school, I enrolled at Florida International University majoring in Computer Science. After 2 years, I joined one of the first colleges in Florida to offer a Computer Art & Science Degree at International Fine Arts College. I excelled in every class beyond even my own expectations. My talent was recognized by the CG Chairman and I was brought on to teach courses in 3D Animation, Photo Retouching and other Design Applications. During this time, I built a 50+ seat computer lab including complete design, purchasing and setup.

An Amazing Journey

It was during those early years that I honed key skills and workflows that I still utilize today. In fact, in 1995, I was given the opportunity to build another Design and Animation department at WCAU Channel 10 in Philadelphia, PA. This included complete design of the room, furniture and setup as well as developing project workflows. It was a tremendous success that allowed our department to get projects done with much higher quality and efficiency. When I joined The CathodeRay Club, Inc as Co-Owner in 1999, again I designed with my partner, an entire forward thinking post-production facility on New York City’s 57th Street. For over 10 years, I continued to expand and maintain that studio allowing us to grow from 2 to over 15 employees. I have created award winning work for some of the most recognizable media brands in the worlds such as ABC, NBC, CBS, History, MLB Network & many more.

What My Clients Are Saying

ESPN | Tournament Challenge
"Thanks so much for this! We shared with the mobile team... it really looks great! We all love the new look and the product team thought it was fantastic."

COMEDY CENTRAL | Comedy Awards
"Comedy Central Loved the look. Great job Eddie."

AMC | Comic Book Men
"They said it was one of the best they’ve ever seen, no changes… great work!"

ESPN | Nascar Chase for the Cup
"Just wanted to let you know that I think the work you are doing on Nascar is amazing. I especially loved what Mike showed me today for the Charlotte race. Very impressive!

I just want to thank you all for your hard work on the NASCAR Chase track composites. They were so cool! They were used throughout all our telecasts and just added so much movie style to our pieces. Thank you again for all your time and creativity!"

NBC | Dateline Image
""Nominated for an Emmy! Just wanted to let you know that I thought your Dateline spot was awesome. I knew you were an amazing compositor but I didn’t realize you were an awesome editor as well.


HISTORY | Ice Road Truckers
"Ice Road Truckers slid into ratings history last night topping its awesome debut last year. I’d also like to thank the entire History team, from marketing to publicity to scheduling and programming on a well-executed strategy and killer campaign. You guys should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments."

"everyone loves it. thanks for the great work."

ESPN | The Masters
"The spots are approved. Want to echo what Jill said yesterday, these spots really look great. Awesome job… Home run! Thanks!"

MLB NETWORK | Good Times Ahead
"Good Times Ahead won a gold Promax Sports Marketing Award! Nice job and THANKS!"

KINGWORLD | Inside Edition Image
"Thanks to all for a great job on the Inside Edition Image Campaign! You did a beautiful job on the spots Eddie!"